Thursday, April 13, 2006

I Got The Blues

It is Thursday of my Spring Break, and that's got me down. Problem is I'm white, and white people aren't supposed to get the blues. As George Carlin put it, we're supposed to give people the blues, not have them.

Besides, isn't it kinda odd to be a fan of the blues in the first place?

"Excuse me sir, but if you don't mind me asking, why are you a fan of the blues?"

"I don't know. I guess I really just enjoy listening to depressing stuff about my lover cheating on me or losing my job. Gets me out of those troublesome happy moods."

That's exactly why I must fight the urge to spend any more time on the following sites. No more blues for me, but you're welcome to click away.
  • Desktopblues: Is this what Moby does in his spare time?
  • House of Blues: I didn't know Nine Inch Nails or Taking Back Sunday qualified as the blues. Or The Go-Go's. But then again, if a vacation is all you ever wanted, maybe that would get you down.
  • Baby Blues: I clicked through some of the comics in their archive, but the distinct lack of funny made me even more depressed.
  • BluesNet: The "longest-running blues site on the Web" hasn't been updated in four years. Maybe the webmaster is too depressed to type.
  • Genghis Blues: Raise your hand if you've seen this film. Hell, raise your hand if you've even heard of it. Something tells me the film makers have got the blues.
  • Blues & Blues: I think this is an Italian blues website, but I'm not sure because I can't read blues.
  • Sapphire - The Uppity Blues Women: I'm not sure if they're any good or not. I just really like the word "uppity."


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