Tuesday, September 06, 2005

A Lack Of Accountability

What continues to bother me most about the on-going tragedy of the hurricane is the complete lack of accountability in the administration. No one is stepping forward to admit that even with all the money thrown into homeland security and preparation for a major terrorist attack, the government was completely impotent and unable to mount anything approaching an adequate response to this disaster. Most third world countries do a better job of covering for their own.

But will anyone admit they've screwed up? Will anyone in the Bush administration admit they haven't prepared for a major disaster? Will anyone admit they haven't done their job? Will anyone admit that if there was a major terrorist attack somewhere in the US, we'd be screwed just as badly as New Orleans because there is no organized plan to deal with something like that even though you can bet your life lots of folks are pulling huge paychecks to have that plan ready?

What has the head of homeland security had to say about this? Let me paraphrase: We didn't think a big storm could hit the US.

That bit of deep thinking came from the guy in charge who is supposed to plan for a major disaster, either natural or man-made, and be able to bring in the help immediately that those affected will obviously need (food, water, medicine). He failed miserably.

Well, actually he's the second guy in charge. Bush is the one supposedly running the whole show, and it doesn't take two minutes of seeing his act down south to realize he is still struggling to pull up his pants over all of this. Unfortunately there's not an election in the next few weeks. I'm afraid the average American won't remember all this the next time the polls open.

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At 8:58 AM, Blogger ericv22 said...

What do you think of Kanye West's comment? I thought Mike Myers' reaction was hilarious.


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