Monday, February 20, 2006


Be it far from me to tell someone how to waste their time. Want to knit? Go for it. Love collecting stamps? Knock yourself out.

Want to solve 1,000,000,000 mazes? Better get started.

Actually, first you might want to run out and buy some more printer ink or toner. At about 800 pages for an average black ink cartridge, that will require somewhere in the neighborhood of 1,250,000 cartridges. At twenty bucks or so a pop for plain black for my HP printer, that will set someone back only about twenty-five million dollars to print out all of those mazes, before taxes and excluding sales.

And a billion sheets of paper, you ask? Lets say five dollars for a pack of 500 sheets. That'll only cost an additional ten million. You could always flip them over and print on the back, I suppose.

Or maybe just stick with knitting.


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