Monday, February 13, 2006

Quick Super Bowl Ads Take

This is just for Butter, by the way, since he requested it.

I sat and watched most of the Super Bowl ads online tonight, and in short: what a let down. Only a couple caught my interest, while most were either boring or cheesy (the Budweiser little horsie in the barn video causing the strongest gag reflex).

One that I did like in my own sick, little way was the Michelob Light touch football ad shown during the second quarter.

Classic line: You were open and now you are closed!

I'm not ashamed to say that cracks me up. The doc zapping the fly in the Ameriquest: Hospital video also garnered a chuckle. Sad, I know.

If so inclined, you can also watch all of the ads by quarter through a site put up by AOL Sports. They also have a vote tabulation for the best commercials. I disagree with their number one, but I'm not exactly going on a hunger strike over it. They are just commercials after all, right?


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