Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Sunday Dump

In my bookmarks, I've got a folder where I put sites that I come across that I think are interesting and might make a good post later on. That folder can get stuffed with all kinds of randomness after just a few weeks. So every once in awhile, I'll go through the folder and either delete the one's that I no longer think are that great anymore, or I'll just dump a whole bunch of them on here in one go.

Here's one of those dumps.


  • Beatbox Rahzel: This guy's video has been online a couple of years, but it is still very impressive.
  • Steve, Don't Eat It!: Hilarious, if also sometimes vulgar, series where a guy dares himself to eat some pretty gross stuff. Starts with potted meat, but then quickly works his way up (or down) to some of what the rest of the world might deem a delicacy, but would make a typical American retch.
  • Bound by Law?: Free comic book about the true story of one filmmaker's struggle to make a documentary in today's overly copyrighted world.
  • Turn Your Head: Make your next gift a very personalized optical illusion (now offering a Mother's Day special!).
  • A cover of Radiohead's "Just": Free download of the video for Mark Ronson's cover of a Radiohead classic.


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