Friday, June 16, 2006

Should Have Asked Him To Recite The Pledge Of Allegiance, Too

Check out this short clip of Stephen Colbert asking Congressman Lynn Westmoreland a few questions about his bill to require the Ten Commandments to be posted in courthouses.

Politicians like Westmoreland cannot solve real problems, much less master the basics of the pseudo-issues they choose to deal with. Betcha anything he's also against gay marriage and wants the next amendment to the Constitution to ban flag burning, yet has never seen a flag being burned in person, and never spoken to someone who is gay and wants to be married to the person they love. I'd further venture that he has no solution to global warming, the war in Iraq, high gas prices, or fixing the health care system in America.

Whoever is running against him in the next election better play that clip over and over on a huge television screen in downtown wherever the hell he comes from. If that doesn't cause a landslide against Westmoreland, nothing will.


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