Tuesday, May 31, 2005

This Is Where The Magic Happens

One of my first jobs in college was working as a receptionist for a roofing company. I didn't know a thing about roofing (still don't) and didn't know anything about being a receptionist other than I knew I'd have to answer phones. Still, with those sparkiling qualifications, I landed the job on a temporary basis to get me through the summer.

I answered phones for six weeks. When I didn't know how to answer a customer's question about their roofing needs, I winged it. I learned about different kinds of roofing tiles and how to juggle the contractors who'd be ripping the old ones out and putting to the new ones in. facinating work, as you can well imagine.

I also played lots of solitaire on the 386 perched on my tiny desk. My boss sat in his office drawing birds in PaintShop. He did that for hours while I tried to get the cards to jump around on the screen.

So why the hell am I writing about this? First, because I tried watching Garden State tonight, and even though I tried my best to give a damn about the main character, I just couldn't. So I bounced around online looking for something more entertaining to watch, and lo and freakin' behold I found a flash movie on roof tiling.

Seriously. A Black and White Cartoon About Roof Tiling.

In many ways more entertaining than Garden State. Or playing solitaire.


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