Sunday, July 10, 2005

Dam Good Time

So I finally made it to Amsterdam this weekend. Got to see all that you think of when you picture Amsterdam, namely canals, windmills, marijuana and whores.

Oh, and we also visited the Anne Frank House, took a bus ride around the city, toured the Rijksmuseum, floated through the canals, and walked through the red light district. Twice.

Highlights included:

  • The Sea Palace Restuarant: A floating chinese resturant that serves great, great food. Pricey, but good.
  • The boat houses: They ranged from trashy to adorable. Makes me almost want to move into one. Almost.
  • Bikes: Never seen so many people on bicycles in my life. Two-wheeler heaven.
  • French fries and mayonnaise: Saw lots of folks munching away on them, so I had to try it. To my surprise, I kinda liked it.
  • The Anne Frank House: Brings the horrors of World War II home, so to speak.
  • The coffee shops: Watching folks sip coffee and roll their joints bordered on quaint.

    Overall Amsterdam was great and definitely a place I'd recommend to anyone who wants a town with a healthy sense of history and a live and let live attitude toward life

    Amsterdam Trip Photo Gallery


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