Monday, April 17, 2006

Trade Ya

So I have lots of things lying around the house, which, up until now, I felt held little value. Things like a Q-tip. A beer cap. A half-used pencil. A cat.

And true, they lack a certain something. For instance, the color red.

There's a guy out there, named Kyle MacDonald, who has taken a plain, red paperclip, figuring correctly that it would have value to someone, and has decided to use that as a starting point in a series of trades up to a new house. He started out on craigslist with his red paperclip, and just worked his way up from there toward a home.

Surprisingly enough, he's nearly there.

He's got a website going called, not-surprisingly enough, one red paperclip, where you can read more about what he's up to, and if you have a spare house lying around, perhaps make a trade.


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