Tuesday, May 23, 2006

How Could You Not Love These Guys?

This was Germany's entry into the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest. I thought they were great.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

10 Things I Hate About Commandments

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Do They Want My Grocery Receipts, Too?

As far as this whole domestic spying program that Bush and the NSA are running goes, the part that most upsets me is that they are trying to sell the American public on the whole load of bull story that they're still protecting our privacy because no names or addresses are attached to the billions of records they've collected.

Do they think we are morons? How hard would it be to look up these phone numbers and who they belong to? Hell, I can check out a phone number on Google in less than 10 seconds. Why gather these records in the first place and search through them if it wasn't possible to put names to the phone calls? Protecting our privacy? What privacy?

And since they already lied back in December and January when they said there was no tracking of phone calls within the US, who wants to believe them when they claim they're not listening in on phone calls now? Go ahead and assume that at anytime you're on the phone, someone is listening in. Or it is being stored in another massive database for later listening pleasure.

Scary, huh? But not beyond the realm of possibility. In fact, firmly planted within it.

The Daily Show has a pretty good bit on this whole thing. You can view it here.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Wedding Plans

So you may or may not know that Marcela and I are getting married at the end of this year. Still very happy about that, but what we're both not too thrilled about is the planning of the whole affair. Our big problem is that the place we want to get married at, a bed & breakfast called the Inn at Craig Place in San Antonio, may or may not be around come the end of the year. The folks running Craig Place won't book anything more than three months in advance, which leaves us with either hoping that it'll be available once the end of September rolls around, or we have to choose someplace else.

Then, even if we get the B&B we want, we'll have to limit our guest list because they just won't handle a big crowd. While we never wanted a large wedding in the first place, we also don't want to upset anyone in either family.

All-in-all it feels like we're just spinning our wheels, because it is so hard to plan anything having to do with a wedding if you have no idea where it'll be.

So, if anyone reading this has any advice to share, or any other ideas on where to hold a non-religious and not-too-expensive wedding in the south Texas/San Antonio area, we're very much open to hearing it. You can just email me at alex@mauldin.com with anything you'd like to add to the discussion.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Thank You Stephen Colbert

In case you haven't seen Stephen Colbert rip Bush apart for twenty minutes while standing just ten feet away from the guy, you absolutely must go to Thank You Stephen Colbert and watch the clips. It is incredible.

Stephen Colbert is my new hero.