Sunday, July 16, 2006

I'm Huge In The Sudan

Scroll down about a third through this page.

You'll see one of my old short stories posted on what I think is a Sudanese website.

Yep, knocked me out of my chair.

Doing a little more searching, I found the same story, "A Sometimes Beautiful Thing," mentioned on a few more sites:
Several years ago someone calling himself "Joe in China" got in touch with me to let me know he'd read my story in that Chinese textbook. Guess someone else has a copy of it, too.

Know who doesn't have a copy of that textbook?


Not that I'm bitter or anything...


At 7:56 AM, Anonymous China Joe said...

Hi Alex,

How r u doin? I AM joe from China.

Still in Germany or back in the US for summer vacation?

Pity neither nor works properly here since you moved to Germany.

I haven't seen your blog for ,say, 2 years. :-]

But,gee, I finally get access to it today. Quite by chance,it seems to be.

Hope all is great with you and your family.

Keep in touch! I emailed u this month but got no reply.

At 8:22 AM, Anonymous China Joe said...

As for your story A sometime beautiful thing, I also see it posted on a few blogs in chinese.

I wonder how they got to know you and came to love the story. I once wrote to a girl who had the story on her website, but she never wrote back. So the puzzle remains forever. She seems to be a trendy and lonesome Shanghai girl.

The textbook, an extensive english reading book , to be exact, was out of print long ago. I don't know anyon else who has the luck having a copy of it.

Maybe one day you visit china, when we meet I'll let you have a look at the book. But after that I'll still keep it myself because it has my favorite story BY YOU in it. :]

Do write to me or leave your words on my blog.

At 8:28 AM, Anonymous China Joe said...

At 1:27 PM, Anonymous China Joe said...

Why don't you update your blog?

What keeps you busy? Are you in America now?

I find after you moved to Gemany, I can log on your website and leave messages only in August, the time when you may go back to America. Why?

Do write to me.


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